“Attijariwafa Bank – Banque privée – Private Banking Launching Event.

A Night of Elegance and Innovation” On the evening of May 31, 2024, the Ritz-Carlton hotel hosted an exceptional event that defied all expectations.

Entrance: Guests entered through a circular fountain, surrounded by curved screens. These screens displayed mesmerizing motion graphics videos showcasing branding.

Harp Serenade: As guests explored the entrance, a small stage featured a live harpist, enchanting them with soothing melodies.

Interior Design: The circular arrangement around the fountain created an intimate ambiance. Black venial flooring exuded elegance.

Finishing the Entrance part: entering the main venue the heart of the event the transparent tables and chairs added a touch of modernity while the flooring was black placing Matt.

Special Guest: Riham Abdel Hakim graced the stage, adding star power to the end of the evening. And At the heart of the event, a grand stage awaited. Here, the HERO video for the Private bank (Banque Privee), captivating everyone’s attention.